Computer Vision & Multimedia Analytics

The Computer Vision and Multimedia Analytics (CVMA) area at Conduent Labs India aims to advance the science of signal and image processing, computer vision and video analytics, and their application to video, sensor and multimodal data streams, to answer business questions, optimize operations and uncover new insights. These data streams stem from sources such as human computer interactions, surveillance cameras, and industrial sensors, and have become ubiquitous in our environment today.

The CVMA team is comprised of researchers with expertise in areas such as signal processing, image processing, and computer vision. Members of the team have various additional interests and expertise in machine learning, deep learning, imaging, sensors, and embedded systems, and share a passion for building systems that can have impact not only for Conduent and its customers, but for society at large. The group engages in collaborative projects with universities and with its sister research group in Conduent Labs US, and has a track record of successfully incubating and piloting innovative technology solutions and transferring them to internal and external business customers.